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Any interested intern looking for supervision you’re welcomed to email me and I will respond accordingly.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect:

As an intern you can expect to work collaboratively to develop your skills. There is a fee per session for supervision and we will meet on a weekly basis. We will work together to find your voice and direction as a counselor. As an intern you will learn how to provide effective treatment for your clients. As a supervisor I will work to help you understand the importance of being ethical, well informed, and well-rounded as you may provide services to a multitude of clients. As a supervisor I will give you practical advice that will help you provide treatment as effectively as possible. As a supervisor I will provide insight and feedback that will help you deal with issues that arise when practicing. As a supervisor I will be available to provide you with a foundation that is based in ethics. I will give you best practice approaches,demonstrate the importance of being responsible, and timely. As an intern you can expect to learn theoretical approaches that you may use to guide you as you move from intern to counselor. This will help you explore and develop your own therapeutic style. As an intern you will learn the skills to be self-sufficient while knowing the supervisor is always there to guide you along the way.